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Despina's life has ultimately been about evolution and growth, which she defines as cultivating a better version of herself. Although many people believe that assets or relationships are essential Despina believes that going inward and enlightening oneself is more important because assets or people can be taken away from you. She suggests that people should "be brave, explore, change what needs to be changed, and create fulfilment."

Despina grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, and while the country had been good to her, she had always wanted to visit her parents' homeland, Cyprus. So, she travelled in 1991, and what was supposed to be a vacation turned into her permanent residence. She was passionate about Cypriot culture and impacted Cypriots by sharing her New Zealand heritage. What she has realised is that she has been blessed with two beautiful homes, New Zealand and Cyprus.

Leaving New Zealand met having to fend for herself by using the tools she had, which were a teaching degree and ESL training. She worked in various institutions like schools, universities, the oncology centre and as an examiner for different examination boards. Then she ventured out to start her own successful company, The English Centre CY, which is still in operation today.

Living in Cyprus has had its ups and downs. She discovered the joys of marriage and was blessed with two lovely girls as a result of her marriage. However, the union did not last and ended in a messy divorce. She needed answers at the time, so in addition to running her business and raising her daughters, she returned to university to pursue a psychology degree. She fell in love with psychology at the time and has been a lifelong student ever since. She has completed over 60 courses that relate to wellbeing as she really wanted to get support and be supportive of others.


She penned two books in her quest for answers after her divorce: Dare to Begin-The Process of Healing and Enough is Enough-A Helpful Guide to Managing Addictions. Relationships and habits are addressed in both books. She also became a life coach, specialising in wellbeing, relationships, and addictions. She enjoys writing and has been featured in Meer and Cyprus Mail, among many other local and international publications.

Life has led her to her fondness of learning about human evolution. She has discovered that resilience fosters development. Resilience excites her because it makes use of the mysterious and powerful resources that exist within every human being. It provides the means to surmount obstacles and evolve. She has, however, noticed some people who feel stuck and struggle to overcome obstacles, despite being offered the same opportunities in life as those who use resilience. She has made it her goal to walk shoulder to shoulder with those in pain in order for them to find the courage to make the best choices and find fulfilment.

I have made it my goal
to walk shoulder-to-shoulder
with those in pain,
helping them find self-fulfillment.


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