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Despina Nicola is the author of two highly successful books on self-healing and addiction management. As an accredited psychologist, she writes for a variety of local and foreign publications, including Meer Magazine and Cyprus Mail.


Heracles' legacy: resilience in mythology

Ancient myths like Hercules remain relevant in today's world, particularly when dealing with timeless themes like infidelity. Hercules becomes a symbol for self-discovery in the face modern challenges.


Navigating porn recovery through 3 stages

The connection between sex trafficking and pornography is something to be terrified of. Victims are often lured into the sex trade by deception or by force, enduring unimaginable suffering.


How to reduce stress

Doubt breeds worry, anxiety, and panic attacks. But doubt is manageable, and you can be liberated from it. The skill to face doubt is to stop overthinking and acting upon what you fear.


Triumph over abuse

Rising from an abusive relationship is a courageous journey towards self-liberation and healing. It involves breaking free from the cycle of abuse, seeking safety, and reclaiming one's life.


Our mistakes do not define our future

Stories from the past can still teach us important things about our approach to life and solving its problems. Depina Nicola examines the life lessons from each of Hercules’ Twelve Labours.


Transform negative habits into confidence

Through laughter, gratitude, and mindful choices and resilience, we can develop a healthier, happier version of ourselves. It is time to break the comforting embrace of unhealthy habits.


Cracking the cavemen dynamic

Exploring how cavemen and cavewomen communicate can help us understand how we behave and interact with one another. Despite their differences, they can work together effectively.


Betrayal is experienced by everyone

The next time you recall a situation where you were deeply hurt and the pain lingered for a prolonged period, consider whether you want to remain in torment or embrace the light where love resides.


Reversing the trend of ”every man for himself”

Imagine how much more blessed life would be if we were less egocentric and more altruistic. What would happen if we created love and showed generosity and were not so caught up in ourselves?


What does it take to become a superhero?

Like Flash, have the ability to act and shape a more positive future. Being a hero does not happen overnight. It is done by taking small incremental steps and training your mind to combat the enemy within.


Our purpose on eart is to become creators

Life has persecuted its inhabitants mentally, spiritually and physically leaving us in pain and depriving us of faith. So, why is this happening?


How to deal with a difficult situation?

When facing a difficult situation, it is important to try to approach the situation objectively and proactively, and seek support from trusted friends and colleagues.


Dealing with a cheater

"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die." Despina Nicola shares coping methods that can assist in bringing calm when dealing with infidelity.


How to deal with a difficult situation

Learn to glide through the cloud of fear and pain that has engulfed you for so long and to finally walk peacefully to the sunlight, where new-found courage and confidence await you.


In chaos opportunity is found

There are no primary reasons why dependencies occur. Many times, the dependent can’t control their patterns because they don’t know where they come from.


Choose positivity for good mental health

While it is easy to judge, it will only harm your own wellbeing says Despina Nicola. Our learned patterns are anchored beliefs from childhood. We view them as facts.


Fake it until you make it

Children are like recorders, downloading material that will be played throughout their lives. They record all dialogues they have with people, observing the rules that each situation has.


Developing a new outlook on life

While making the wrong decision can have a massive impact on your life it is important to learn to see past. A crucial decision can cause sleepless nights and torment, but it can be overcome.


Depression in the workplace

With the summer behind us the thought of work with nothing to look forward to can be bleak. Despina Nicola offers advice on how it is important to feel that we make a difference.


You can’t be happy all the time

Life comes in waves and every emotional wave is temporary. If we take the waves of happiness, they rise and fall, rolling in from the ocean and breaking on the coast, gifting us with a sense of joy.


Saving a marriage

It is so easy to end relationships, the demeanours of the times have bred a society of self-absorption. Many are forming false bonds with the screen and are not working on their intimate interactions.


Finding sanctuary in faith

Whether facing marital struggles, profound sadness, or the relentless pressure to maintain control, many of us turn to faith as a source of comfort and guidance. 


Free yourself from negative emotions

Forgiveness involves understanding, healing and trust. It requires patience, compassion, and courage. Through forgiveness, individuals can be freed from the chains of resentment.


What can we learn from Medusa?

Medusa’s story is a gripping saga of tragedy and resilience. Her tale of overcoming adversity resonates with many today, inspiring them to find empowerment in their own struggles.


Overcoming addiction

We have no idea of the ongoing abuse others regularly undergo. Many live a life being bullied or harassed. The hardest part of giving up such a habit is taking on the responsibility for their life.


The centaur and Plato's chariot analogy

This article delves deep into the heart of symbolic representations, illuminating the profound truths they hold about the perpetual struggle within us.


Healing ourselves and the universe

If you're on a quest for personal growth and inner transformation, join us as we unravel the intricate tapestry of life itself, as we embark on a path of self-discovery, and spiritual evolution.


Embracing truth, beauty, and goodness

Each cycle of overcoming obstacles and using tools to climb out of challenging situations leads to profound self-discovery and a more vibrant existence.


The 12-Step Journey

For those caught in the grip of addiction, this battle can be especially daunting. However, within the 12-step programme of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), a path to recovery and redemption unfolds.


Raising resilient kids

In the modern educational landscape, there’s an often overlooked, which is teaching children the importance of asking for help when they need it. In this article, we look at embracing vulnerability.


Embracing light

In our quest for wisdom, Plato’s Cave explains insight in such an ingenious way as it emerges as a timeless allegory that illuminates the path towards truth and transformation.


Change your perception of yourself

Adopting a 'monster' persona will undoubtedly help you break out of the negative habits that have sometimes been drilled into you since childhood.


Promote healing through 'The Mother'

Whenever you start to feel demoralised and want to give up pursuing your dreams, you can use mother tool, which gives you an unwavering source of support and confidence to move forward.


What freedom looks like

There are 12 hours on a clock, 12 disciples, 12 months in a year, and the 12 Labours of Heracles. By combining the sun’s creative light and the entirety of 12 you can have a surge of energy. 


Seek to understand before judging

Conquering the fear of giving up dopamine is torment for the addict. They may be fighting a battle that no one understands, because their drive in life is dopamine.


Control negative eating habits

We have all had success on a diet for a couple of weeks before the pounds begin to pile on again. Don’t be disheartened says Despina Nicola but grab the tools that can help you.


Challenge your insecurities

We all have insecurities. However, there is a way to deal with such issues which may still be haunting us. We do not need to hide our self-doubt anymore.


The generation of entitlement

Few would disagree that the young of today are spoilt and entitled, but how did that happen? Is this due to showing them excessive affection? And what can we now do?


What you look like is no reflection of you

As social media continues to dominate our lives it can be hard to ignore how perfect everyone else looks. But Despina Nicola warns it is important to be grateful for what you have.


What is confidence?

To feel confident requires overcoming a lot of failures. By over-coming adversity, you may have to tolerate failing many times, but you can then build the skills to respond.


How to go from security to freedom

When you fear change, you are not broken. Your brain is wired to be comfortable and not challenge change. The issue is not that you are incapable of achieving, but that you do not act upon your situation.


Our children will survive

We are transitioning to the aftermath of the era of masks, which has come at a price and is being paid for by our children. The pandemic has robbed them of some of their childhood years.

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